Project Ember 2.1 - Tube Headphone Amplifier and Pre-Amplifier:
Project Ember is our flagship amplifier that can power virtually any headphone available and power them with authority. The audio community is as excited as we are seeing Ember discussions and reviews pop up on all sorts of forums globally. She has even proven herself to power the hard to drive HE-6 and K1000 without issue per their owners. This is a pretty good feeling as we know we have nailed it on our part. Some of the discussions have a little bit of miss-information so we thought we would take the chance to address some of it prior to shipments going out late this week and also talk a bit about Ember.

So to summarize what Ember has to offer...




Optimized for Headphones 32 - 600ohm | Shown in both aluminum and acrylic chassis options
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