Project Solstice - Tube Headphone Amplifier:
Optimized for Headphones 32 - 300ohm | Shown in both aluminum and acrylic chassis options
Introducing Project Solstice!

Solstice is a smooth, compact desktop amplifier with some very cool features and excellent power output. There is not a single tube amplifier on the market (besides ours) with this wide of a feature set that is even close in price to Solstice. In short, Solstice is a unique - high value amplifier that will suite even the most demanding tube lover

Key Features of Solstice:

The OHV feature is turned off by default. The reason is that if you pull a bonehead move and change things around without reading instructions or understanding what it does, you can kill a tube in an ugly flash of light. This feature is for instruction readers only and for experienced tube junkies

So to summarize what Solstice has to offer...



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