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It has real authority. Sweet treble. Masses of power. Low noise. Runs cool. No problems with it whatsoever - I use it as a real treat to listen to if I'm honest. The only other amp that ever really kept me glued to it like that was my V2 which is also a very good amp but it doesn't have the same amount of power to drive my T40. The three in the series are all extremely nice. I've heard them all and love them all!!

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Your amp is really Excellent with my Alessandro and my AKG K601, great synergy, no artificial harshness, great reserve of power, just perfect.
Thanks again Jeremy And Frans




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I find that the 10 ohm resistor setting seems to provide more bass impact with the phones I am using, and feel that the tonal balance across the audio spectrum is ideal. Sound stage is expansive with excellent imaging, both in width and depth. My sincere compliments to everyone who was involved in bringing this fine amplifier to the marketplace!

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