Project Polaris - Headphone Amplifier and Pre-Amplifier:
A solid state? From G1217? YES! Polaris has been on our minds and in our thoughts for a long time now. And it took us equally long before we decided to release the beast into the wild! There are a lot of solid state amplifiers on the market, some better than others and honestly, the market is rather saturated. So what made us decide to build our own? Because no one offered what we wanted out of a solid state design. No, really... no one does so we decided to make this killer amplifier!

In our opinions, a good amplifier is NOT a pair of inputs, a volume knob and MAYBE a line out. Which is the norm across most designers / manufacturers. After some discussions, we decided what we wanted from our new solid state baby:

In short, if you are in the market for a solid state amplifier, give Polaris SERIOUS consideration. She hits WAY above her price point without reservation. In a world of featureless, low power tin cans that all sound identical, Polaris stands out like the star she is!

So to summarize what Polaris has to offer...



Optimized for Headphones 16 - 600ohm | Shown in both aluminum and acrylic chassis options
Aggressive Bandwidth Option on Polaris
Mellow Bandwidth Option on Polaris
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