Project Starlight - Tube Headphone Amplifier:
What the heck is Project Starlight? She was designed to kick sand in the face of the affordable overseas offerings and other affordable tube amplifiers. Having to purchase an amplifier and then replace the majority of the parts to work properly should not sit well with anyone (we know the popular cheap designs well as we used to modify and fix them on a regular basis). We went to the drawing board to see what we could do to not just make a quality affordable hybrid, but to make a damn fine hybrid that was ready to sing out of the box. Starlight is a Tube / Opamp hybrid capable of rolling opamps as well as countless 6 & 12V dual triode tubes. Stock output stage features quad 4562's and she sings like an angel. We even gave her Easy Set LED bias and a fully dedicated tube heater power supply supporting up to 1A. That means power hungry tubes such as the 12bh7, 6n6p and 6n30p are no problem. In fact, Starlight outclasses and out features EVERY SINGLE hybrid on the market in this price range and even well above its price point giving you the ability to tweak and tune to your desire. Best of all, no need to Frankenstein her with modifications. The parts you may want to play with later on such as opamps and tubes are easy to change without soldering!

I really hate to come across as ranting but I just feel people should be better informed. Cheap tube hybrids are just that - CHEAP. From poor quality parts, garbage PCB's and power supplies... to absolute flaws in the design such as no bias adjustment and crosstalk so bad the signal might as well be mono. Not to mention all other measurements that are simply terrible. So many of them are designed just to the point they work and nothing more. Just plug a tube in and it falls within a range that makes sound. Not a dig - but FACTS. Skip the junk and buy a Starlight that will last for the long haul.

Some claim you should purchase one of these cheapies, throw parts at it and you are getting a deal! Really? NO. Do the math and the research. After you buy the amplifier, then buy the parts to modify the amplifier RIGHT (not partially) you literally could have had a built Starlight or kit. And you would not have to de-solder most everything on the cheap PCB in order to replace all of the parts. After having modified / repaired so many cheapies, it really does make me do a face palm in frustration. Actually a double face palm (yes it is that bad) as I know what people are getting with a cheapy and what they could be getting. Am I biased? (no pun intended) clearly yes, but it is more because I know what you can get for the money vs. a headache and loads of time spent on band-aid efforts that end up just barely tolerable. Ok ok [/endrant]

Features of Starlight:

For Advanced Tuners:

Actual Project Starlight measurements:


Optimized for Headphones 16 - 300ohm
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