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Ready to restore and calibrate your B&K 747 tube tester? Is your old phenolic PCB warped, with traces cracked and caps leaking? Carbon resistors have drifted to some mystery value? I have the perfect setup for you! I wanted to make repairing or restoring the 747 as easy as possible while increasing reliability, serviceability and repeat-ability and this kit hits all the marks. This kit was designed for the 747B however it will work in the 747.

Parts depend on how you order. Due to customers needing different things, choose what you like in the drop down above!

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Yes, we can install this kit for you as well as clean and calibrate your tester for an additional cost + shipping. Just shoot us a message!

Full replacement PCB for B&K BK 747 Tube Tester!
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Our hard to find - ultra high quality tube tester resistor / calibration sets (generic kit photo, parts may vary per description)
*****New version of the master kit - now more affordable!*****
Several of the original components of this calibration kit went "end of life". I designed up this new kit to replace my previous. In doing this, I was able to reduce cost a bit but provide a better kit overall. We now offer just a single kit that covers the 700, 707 and 747 | 747B

Calibration instructions are available for the B&K700, 707 and 747 with this kit. You can also find these instructions in the manual section of our site.

This kit covers calibration parts for the B&K 700, 707 and 747 (master kit):
All pins come pre-soldered with machine turned gold contact pins to prevent tube socket damage

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