Parts - Adapters and Options:
8' of Kester 331 63/37 .031 Water Soluable Flux Solder $4.99ea:
Many wonder what we use to acheive such perfect solder joints and zero flux residue on our factory built amplifiers. Now you know! We used Kester 331 water soluable flux solder. We have tried it all, everything from the fanciest of silver solders to the worst of the worst and this is our top choice. Solder joints will end up looking like chrome and they stay that way. It flows like a dream at 360 - 380C and flux cleans off easily with DISTILLED water and a good scrubbing! (use compressed air to dry PCB top and bottom once flux is scrubbed clean and make sure amplifier is 100% dry before powering on) The six feet we provide is plenty to complete even a Project Horizon (uses the most solder) with a foot to spare. No need to purchase an expensive roll, grab some right here!
3.5mm to 6.3mm (1/8th to 1/4") Gold Plated Adapter $2.49ea:
Need an adapter or ten? We carry them in bulk for dirt cheap!
Dip 8 Gold Plated Opamp Socket $0.49ea:
Excellent quality gold plated Opamp sockets. If you roll a lot of opamps, it is wise to install your opamps into these sockets first and then insert the entire opamp/socket assembly into the socket on your PCB. This keeps the opamp pins safe from damage and lets you roll them quickly! Price is per socket
Optional Thumb Screw sets (all amplifiers ship by default with black knurled / hex thumb screws)
Want a different look for your amplifier? We have a couple thumb screw set options for you! Option A comes with any amplifier or amplifier kit purchase by default. Option B is a smaller stainless thumb screw with machined beleved head. Option C is a large stainless thumb screw
Thumb Screw Options (price per 4qty)
Additional Heatsinks (stackable) for Project Sunrise, Sunrise II and Horizon $14.99 per pair:
While in stock trim Sunrise, Sunrise II and Horizon all operate well within temperature specifications, some prefer to stack additional heatsinks for looks or additional cooling (Project Horizon is already double stacked)
Replacement Acrylic Chassis $24.99ea:
Order up a new replacement acrylic chassis for your current generation Sunrise / Horizon III+, Starlight, Ember, Solstice or Polaris amplifier! New tube chassis feature a 34mm cutout to work with our 6sn7 adapter! These chassis are a brand new design which improves the already beautiful looks of our products!
Chassis Options
Chassis Type
Ember 1 Supercharger Starting at $39.99ea:
The Ember 1 / Project Horizon Supercharger module (not for current Ember 2 / 2.1) increases the tube heater current capacity from 500mA to well over 1A allowing many power hungry tubes to be used such as the 6n6p, 6n30p and more! Also tube warm up time is drastically decreased when using tubes requiring over 500mA!

Supercharger module by itself is $39.99 + shipping. If you would like us to install the module, the price is $44.99 and you pay shipping both ways (will invoice for shipping after work is complete)

If you are purchasing a Horizon III amplifier, we will install the SC at no charge. Just select and add to cart the $39.99 option!
Per request, we have cooked up an adapter for our amplifiers or other - so that you can utilize 8 pin 6SN7 series tubes! 6SN7 tubes have a huge fan base so we find it killer for you to be able to roll them. The adapter is beautifully crafted - best quality I have come across (of course it comes from us) with gold machined pins, and gold octal socket on a black PCB. Very low profile. Adapters can be used with our current production CNC'ed aluminum chassis AND our current production acrylic chassis! Not to mention they can be used with other amplifiers like the Crack. Available in 4 configurations. As of June 20th 2021, each octal adapter now has a bottom insulator allowing the use of the adapter with sockets recessed below a chassis plate!

Option 1: Converts a 12SN7 tube to a 12AU7 socket. Heater voltage must be configured for 12.6V

Option 2: Converts a 6SN7 tube to a 12AU7 socket. Your device must be configured to use the center tap of a 12AU7 tube and run at 6.3V to work properly - Please confirm with your manufacturer that your amplifier is configured this way. This is the standard adapter for our own G1217 amplifiers as well as many others such as the Bottlehead Crack

Option 3: Converts a 6SN7 tube to a 6922 tube socket

Option 4: Converts a 12SN7 or 6SN7 tube to be used specifically in the G1217 Project Solstice amplifier
Adapter Options
CNC'ed aluminum chassis for your G1217 amplifier!
Get your beautiful CNC'ed chassis ordered up today! All chassis are thick, anodized aluminum with machined silver edge. All logos are laser etched into the aluminum for a life-long finish that will not wear off when cleaned. These chassis offer beauty, durability, weight and screening to each amplifier. Metal chassis orders will have a unique serial number etched into them. All CNC'ed tube chassis feature a 34mm cutout to fit a octal based tube using our 6sn7 adapter!
g1217011046.jpg g1217011045.jpg g1217011044.jpg g1217011043.jpg
Being a Dynaco fan and vintage amplifier restorer, I have found that the adapters available made to utilize a 6GH8A in place of a 7199 tube were.... well.... CRAP. Pins were poor quality and would bend, PCB's were poorly made with thin copper and thin traces. Tube sockets were also low quality. Not something I would ever put in one of my amplifiers. So I did what I do... Made my own! Pins are TOUGH as nails with a nice thick gold plating, tube socket is gold plated and outstanding quality. PCB is of course, 2oz copper with traces twice as thick as any competitors adapter (gold washed as well) and in a sexy black mask vs. blah 1980's green mask. In short, THIS is the adapter you want! IMO it is the nicest 6GH8A to 7199 adapter made! Sold in singles or pairs (pairs at a discount)
Recently a customer came to me and asked us to build an adapter to convert 6SN7 to 5670 / 396A tube sockets. After showing us his adapter from another vendor, I quickly understood why he was requesting one. It was TERRIBLE. So once again, we designed up an adapter that IMO is the nicest available! The same - tough as nails gold pins as used in our other adapters along with a gold washed PCB and gold plated tube socket. Polished off with a black mask PCB with thick traces and 2oz copper! These adapters are also significantly lower profile than our competitors for a clean look. Very popular for the MHDT Orchid Dac. As of June 20th 2021, each octal adapter now has a bottom insulator allowing the use of the adapter with sockets recessed below a chassis plate!
-20dB plug and play attenuator cable (Balanced or Standard options) $44.99
Standard TRS attenuator specs:

Balanced -20dB attenuation cable comes in male / female XLR

Why it rocks:
Attenuation Cable Options:
12SN7 OR 6SN7 TUBE TO 12AU7 OR 6922 TUBE SOCKET ADAPTER (For G1217 Amplifiers)
NEW 5670 / 2C51 / 396A / 6N3P TO 6922 -6DJ8 PINOUT TUBE SOCKET ADAPTER! (For G1217 Amplifiers + others)
Don and Matt, G1217 friends and Head-Fi members emailed us and requested this adapter as they wanted a rock solid unit vs. the questionable offerings from other vendors. We knocked out a sweet little adapter that lets you roll in a whole new set of tube types into G1217 amplifiers. These tube types work perfectly in Project Ember and Solstice. Sunrise and Horizon may need input capacitors set to bypass in order to bias in these tube types. Starlight will be hit and miss with these tube types. As with all of our adapters - quality is top notch. 2oz - double sided copper PCB's used with custom machined thick gold plated & polished pins. Solder work is impeccable. Adapters are sold individually. Very popular for the MHDT Orchid Dac

This adapter works two ways. 6922 / 6DJ8 tube to be used in a 6N3P / 5670 / 2C51 / 396A socket OR a 5670 / 2C51 / 396A / 6N3P tube to be used in a 6922 / 6DJ8 / 6N3P socket